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It’s planting season…make sure you know which common backyard and household plants may be poisonous to your pets!


Before you and your ever so helpful K9 start planting flowers, plants, veggies and shrubs in the yard this season, be sure to check the list of plants that may be toxic to you or your pets! There is a great list here http://www.petpoisonhelpline.com/pet-owners/basics/top-10-plants-poisonous-to-pets/ with photos.

I was really surprised a few years ago that Aloe plants are poisonous to most cats. It has a bitter taste, but for some reason they like to chew on it. So, kitty lovers, watch out for toxic houseplants…


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“Things I always wanted to know about Real Estate…”

Hello! Thank you for having the faith to check out the very first post in my new blog, I will do my best to write things you want to read, link you to things you want to know, and (exhale) to keep it brief. XOXO

Truth be told, when I decided it was time for me to get the facts about this business called Real Estate, all I knew for certain was you needed a license. Even after I Googled itI was unsure where to start. There were National and State exams and requirements, online and classroom Real Estate Schools, schools within some of the bigger companies…seriously, it’s a LOT of information.

So if you’ve ever wondered what sort of schooling and training it takes to become a Real Estate Agent in Hampton Roads start right here with Principles of Real Estate (in Hampton Roads), Alpha College of Real Estate

Classes are starting May 1st. Maybe it’s your time to check it out…

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