Simple truth

As a child I saw this bumper sticker on a car that was in front of us on the road and asked my mother what it meant=thus making the connection of wit in my humor and establishing my respect for all teachers. I was impacted a great deal by so many of my teachers and I honestly feel so grateful for those who inspired me to think. Just think-you already know the answer!

Shout outs to the teachers who helped me become me-THANK YOU!

Emmanuel Episcopal Church Kindergarten & Sunday School

Mrs. Buchanan / Miss Elsie Stakes-taught me to share, to help, to give if I had enough to share, and to hug like I meant it

Arrowhead Elementary

Miss Crabtree-taught me “Stir it up”

Ms. Newby-taught me to love reading mystery novels

Ms. Hoover-sent me home for wearing an inappropriate amount light green eyeshadow to school in 3rd grade (thank you)

Kemps Landing

Mr. Chapman-embarrassed me in class by reading my “wish book” (who I loved, where we would live…) taught me to keep my private thoughts private

Ms. Baxley-fashionista in platforms-loved her style!

Ms. Craft-cool hippy math teacher-everyone wanted to me her friend

Kempsville Jr. High

Mr. Blumenthal-was not amused with my stupid teenage rebellion, told me to just knock it off and do my homework

Mr. Picillo-first teacher crush!

Mrs. Harris-School Nurse-she was one of my best friends. Taught me not to settle for less than I deserved and how to laugh through the nonsense

Kempsville High School

Ms. Richardson-chorus-taught me so many great songs that I still remember to this day. Petula Clark, Dionne Warwick, Mammas and the Pappas, Dylan, Cat Stevens, every Christmas song since the beginning of time, and every number in Annie get your Gun, how to smile when you wanted to throw up from nerves,  how to project when I wanted to be heard, and how to sing from the diaphragm. I still smile when I think of her directing us and making crazy faces…

Mrs. Fary-Fashion Merchandising-taught me you could be tough and still maintain your feminine charm. Started me down the retail path and taught me about classics and quality and 300% mark-ups!

Ms. Brown-manual typewriting-taught me to never settle for a job that only required me to be able to type…to use it to get to the next stepping stone. Great advice!

Ms. Osborne-Once told me I was capable of so much more than I was settling for. She treated me like an adult and respected me, I never forgot how good that felt. She taught me to love writing and to listen to everyone who had something to say.

Mrs. Pace-I get misty when I think of her. Taught me to love reading everything-I spent years with my face in a book every spare minute and it was a glorious escape! She had me all figured out, and my “too cool for school” persona had no effect. Her passion for teaching and excitement when she saw a spark was like no other teacher I’ve ever met. She knew I was struggling with my abusive boyfriend (I see now it was so obvious) and actually pulled me aside to tell me that one day I would have a moment of realization that I didn’t need a man to tell me what to do and when to do it, because I was so much smarter than I knew…and that I deserved to be worshipped by my suitors and to demand nothing less, LOL

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