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Buyers Market-Sellers Market…what does this really mean to you?

Inventory is low in the Hampton Roads area, which means there are more people shopping for 4 bedroom homes in North Virginia Beach than there are 4 bedroom homes for sale. This is considered a Seller’s Market, and regardless of which side of the closing table you’re on, this can change the game.

BUYERS- Have your ducks in a row before going and falling in love with a house:ducks

  • Have your pre-approval for mortgage funding ready, or at the very least, in the works. This way you know what price range you have to work with.
  • Be realistic when making your list of “MUST HAVES”(what to ignore)
  • Be ready to PUT A RING ON IT when you find it! If you are prepared and confident (and are working with an agent you trust) the entire experience will likely be so much better!

SELLERS- Inventory is low, which can make what you have more desirable to buyers, but that’s no reason to slack on the wow factor!

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Yard sign with red sold sign rider

  •  If you know the carpet is iffy, use this opportunity to update or install             hardwood/laminate before listing your home. Fresh paint or accent colors-even touch ups can make a huge difference.
  • Nobody knows your home like you do-show the buyer what you love about it.
  • Price your home fairly, know your bottom line, and be sure you’re working                with an agent you trust to advise you on staging, pricing and negotiations.

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