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I may just owe Hampton an apology…

Growing up in Virginia Beach, we didn’t have too many occasions to cross the water to Hampton. The annual trip to the Coliseum for the Circus or Ice Capades, and concerts when I was older (really GREAT concerts-I’m talking Aerosmith, Van Halen, The Grateful Dead, Queensryche, TOOL…), but I never drove. It seemed like it was so far away, and then there was the tunnel-what if there was traffic? What if I got lost? I knew absolutely nothing about the neighborhoods and people who lived “over there”.


Oh course, I realize now that my uneasiness was just absurd! Held over memories of conversations between my parents when I was a kid, I feel sure.

Since beginning my Real Estate journey, I’ve searched for many homes in Hampton and Newport News and taken many trips through the tunnel at all hours of the day and I’ve found that (1) there are some amazing homes-big, small, really big, new, old, charming, beautiful homes (2) the tunnel traffic is not a big deal. After taking 2 hours to get home from work in Ghent between flooding and accidents-like 3 times-seriously, and (3) Fort Monroe is very cool. If you haven’t been there since it opened to the public you really have to go! More info here

The Military transferred control of the historic Fort to Virginia on September 15, 2011, ending the Army’s 188 year presence at Fort Monroe. Pretty impressive history and so much to see!


So, I’m truly sorry, Peninsula, for not seeing your awesomeness and how very Virginia you are!

There are some choice properties available in Hampton and Newport News, Download my app here, or visit my website to search-I’m here to help!



more cool Hampton links:




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