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Interior Design Trends for 2017 what’s hot & what’s not

IN: Handmade original pieces, hand dyed raw fabrics, feminine embellishments         (lace, ruffles, jewels)

Art deco furniture, mixed metals, pottery, contemporary wallpaper, rounded edges

Colors-Mustard/curry, rich jewel tones, nude/beige/grey solid color walls

NAVY BLUE is THE accent color

OUT: Faux-wood, fur & leather

Mass produced “reclaimed distressed wood” faux antiques

Geometric tiles, Edison bulbs, overstuffed furniture

Colors- White walls, shades of grey

In the Kitchen-the heart of the home!

Quartz continues to rule, and the development of composite surfaces makes this a more affordable option with a great return on the investment at sale time!

Brass accents are big, mixed in with the sleek, clean industrial look (stainless, stainless, stainless).

Modern cabinets with no handles and rounded edges are still hot- Small appliance storage & clean counter spaces continue to challenge designers to offer new nifty hidden pantries and stackable storage options.gallery-1483296100-lochanna-butler-pantry

More technology! The smart home isn’t just Hollywood anymore.

Kitchen Colors-white, black, grey and navy

More info http://www.housebeautiful.com http://www.mydomaine.com/latest-interior-design-trends


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