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Buyers Market-Sellers Market…what does this really mean to you?

..Be ready to PUT A RING ON IT when you find it! If you are prepared and confident (and are working with an agent you trust) the entire experience will likely be so much better!

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What’s the value of a green home?

Green homes are becoming a really big deal these days. Whether that means that an older home is being retrofitted with energy-saving equipment or a brand spanking new one is growing up green, it is apparently much easier to be green than we’ve been led to believe. Learn more here  What’s the Value of a Green… Continue reading What’s the value of a green home?

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Toxic beauties

It's time again for my annual reminder to choose your plants and flowers carefully if you have dogs, cats or horses. There are more than 400 species of plants and flowers that are toxic to dogs, cats and horses! One of the most deadly to cats is Aloe, and so many people have Aloe plants… Continue reading Toxic beauties